6 gedachten over “De bocht nemen”

  1. Thank you for the nice photo session. I currently live 10 years in Gent, and before that, 5 years in Groningen, NL. And, I am an avid cyclist who believe the bicycle is one of the most elegant, efficient ways of transport. However, the first thing that I noticed when I moved here (and still do) is how few people in Gent use hand signals to indicate direction change. In Groningen, it was common practise by young and old. You we even told explicitly by your fellow cyclist when you fail to do so, and correctly so. I have wondered many times why there is such a big difference in cycle culture when comparing two cities that are so similar? I say this with honesty as I notice, on almost a daily basis, people almost getting involved in accidents due to the lack of signalization (on thursday an almost serious accident between a cyclist and a truck on the Coupure…). I hope that, due to your loyal following, you would inspire more people to start using correct signaling in traffic, for their own and for others’s safety. Keep up the great work Fietsbult!

    1. De man in oranje-rood geeft ook richting aan, degenen die ervoor zitten zijn al bezig in te draaien, dus zijn waarschijnlijk al gestopt met richting aangeven. Gezien de voetgangers ervoor zullen die ook wel gesnapt hebben dat de groep afsloeg, dus waarschijnlijk hebben ze wel richting aangegeven (voltooid verleden tijd). De vrouw met kind zit ook al reeds in de bocht; dus ook niet zinnig om daar nog richting aan te geven.

      1. Dear CV. I gather you misunderstood my reply which has relevance on the general mindset of cyclists in Gent?
        Literally your statements are, of course, correct. However, a limited set of photos does not represent the actual scenario that happens every day. Cyclists in Gent (in general) make little use of hand signaling. But again, this is my personal experience…

  2. I like your comment, which I am always surprised of, most of the Begium Cardrivers put there signe on when they’re already taking the direction change. On a roundabout they give a sign to the right but they go ride away or to the left!?!? I think there is a big need for good education.

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